Certification department CJSC Kazpromelectronika was formed with the help of European Union by Tasis program and satisfies the requirements of Kazakhstan State certification system, and also the recommendations of MSE and standards of ETSI.

Certification department CJSC Kazpromelectronika was accredited in State certification of Republic pf Kazakhstan and has its own experimental laboratory with the most modern equipment produced in USA, Germany and France.

It presumes us to hold compulsory and voluntary certification of native and imported production and provides the following services:

  • adoption of imported communicative means to the existed net of usage in Kazakhstan (STOR)
  • Holding the process of CIS conformity certificates recognition of communicative means produced in CIS countries
  • TU development for the communicative means delivery to Kazakhstan.
We guarantee the professionalism, equity and objectivity of fulfilled works.

Certificate accreditation KK.: 658000.04.05.00142

Adress: 58, office 705, Dzhandosov str., Almaty, tel: +7 (3272) 58 29 89
fax: +7 (3272) 58 58 78, E-mail: kpe@nursat.kz

Testing laboratory: 5a, Armyansky str., Almaty
tel/fax: +7 (3272) 58-33-15.

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